Fermentation Box

Has anyone made a fermentation box out of one of the small refridgerators,like a kid would have in a dorm room.
What I wondering is would a light bulb work as a heater inside of the box?

It has been done using a controller and a light bulb for heat. A dual stage controller could also control the frig for cooling. Using a reptile habitat heater works also, and no need to worry about a light source causing problems.
Make sure a fermentor with air lock or blow off tube will fit in the frig before buying one. Often the shelves in the door need to be removed. Check out kegerators and keezers on the web for more information.

I have two of them left over from my kids first year of college,both had to live in a dorm their freshman year.
I have a dual controller.Think I going to give the reptile heater a try,i have two plastic fermenters,and three glass carbuoys,wouldn’t work out for the carbuoys.

Is it a height problem for the carboys or depth? Either dimension could be modified, like the collar added to chest freezer to increase the depth. Would involve various tools and shop space.