Fermentation Advice

I started 2 extract kits on the same day (a week ago): Barley Wine Extract Kit[/url] and [url=http://www.northernbrewer.com/shop/number-8-extract-kit.html]The Number 8 Extract Kit

The Barley Wine bubbled thru the airlock for the first 3 or 4 days. The #8 is still bubbling 8 days out. I did gravity readings on both after their first 7 days. #8 is rocking a 9.6% abv, but my barley wine only came in at 7.2%.

I started both of these on the same day and used 2000ml yeast starters on each. The #8 looks like it’s going very well, but I’m unsure of the barley wine. I just don’t know what to expect with it. Should I repitch? If so, do I use the same yeast as before? Do I make another yeast starter?

Thanks for any assistance.

can you give a little more information?

OG of each
yeast used
temperature of the wort when yeast was pitched
temperature of beer when fermenting (if not available, ambient temp of the room)

I don’t have the exact numbers in front of me, but these should be close:

Barley Wine OG: 1083
Number 8 OG: 1085

Barley Wine yeast: Wyeast 1945 NB NeoBritannia
Number 8 yeast: Wyeast 1762 Belgian Abbey II

Barley Wine pitch temp: ~75 degrees
Number 8 pitch temp: ~75 degrees

Barley Wine fermenting temp: 68 degrees yesterday
Number 8 pitch temp: 70 degrees yesterday

Both fermenting temps may fluctuate between 68 to 74 degrees

Whoa, way too warm! You should try to maintain low to mid 60’s for those

Really? It lists the optimum temp for the 1945 at 66 - 74 degrees, and 65 - 75 degrees for the 1762.

You mention making a starter, but did you do so for both these beers initially?

It’s almost always better to go with the low end of the range.

That is correct. 2000ml starters each on its own stir plate for about 24 hours.

And just to reiterate the Number 8 brew is going great. At day 7 it measured at 9.6% ABV, and it is still bubbling in the air lock. The Barley Wine is the one I’m worried about. It measured at 7.2% at day 7 and quit bubbling a few days ago. Just wondering what I should do with it (repitch)?

How are you measuring ABV? Normally we focus on gravity to determine if beer attenuates properly.

Plugging in the OG and the newly measured gravity into brewcalcs.com. If you need gravity numbers instead:

Number eight:
02/24: 1.085
03/03: 1.017

Barley wine:
02/24: 1.083
03/03: 1.033

Sounds a lot like my barleywine. OG = 1.089, after 18 days it was down to 1.031. I racked it to secondary and let it sit for 8 months to the day. FG after secondary = 1.026. End product is wonderful. I’m down to my last couple bottles and I wish I would have brewed another batch. :frowning:

Nothing seems to have gone wrong with my brewing, and like I said, the final product is great. Perhaps it’s a limitation on the NeoBrit yeast. Another possiblity is the fermentable content of the ingredients. Number 8 uses Pilsen extract, candi sugar, and corn sugar, while the barleywine uses amber extract. My understanding is that the darker extracts contain more unfermentables and will result in a higher FG.

Whatever the reason, my experience tells me that you have nothing at all to worry about.

Yeah, I just wasn’t sure what to expect with the barley wine. Sounds like I’m in the ballpark then. Thanks!