Fermentation Activity with Vermont Ale Yeast

I made a two step starter with this guy…21 hours on the stir plate…cold crashed for 24 hours…whipped up some more wort…dumped it in…only needed to shake it once in awhile to hit my target so I just turned the stir plate up once in every few hours after the first 12 hours of sitting there. When I did turn it up…holy massive bubbles. It went for a total of about 21 hours…pitched at 5 p.m. yesterday…so it’s been about 24 hours and not alot going on except for a stream of bubbles coming up one side of the carboy…so I rocked it back and forth twice and I got bubbles like I did on the stir plate. Anybody else seen any weird attitude like this with this yeast? I’m not worried…just excited…first full volume boil/first yeast starter :slight_smile:

Forgot I added fermcap to the boil…it was almost 8 gallons in a 10 gallon kettle :slight_smile: she has taken off now…overflow bucket smells delicious.