Fermentation 5 weeks later

Hi all,

So I was getting ready to bottle a winter ale. It was an all-grain recipe that I sort of threw together. It was mostly maris otter and crystal, but I added a pound of extra light DME and 3lbs of orange blossom honey. I gave it two weeks in primary and almost 4 weeks in secondary. The gravity was holding steady (albeit a little higher than I figured). When I went to check on it today, I noticed it’s fermenting again at a pretty crazy rate. There’s at least an inch of kraussen and the airlock is bubbling at a good clip. I’ve not seen this in any previous batches I’ve made, and this was definitely a much higher gravity than anything I’ve done before.

I’m not really all that concerned (other than it throws my schedule off a bit). Has anyone else had anything like that? If it was a few weeks in, I wouldn’t think about it, but 6 weeks down the line seems funny to me. Maybe it was the honey? Just releasing a crapload of CO2? Caused by solar flares? Hurricane Sandy? Ancient Aliens?

Anyway, thanks in advance for any advice or feedback.

What was the OG? What was the SG when it has holding steady? How does it smell?

Possible you caught a bug an it’s turning into vinegar.

What is the recipe?

Crisis averted. My friend thought it would be amusing to swap labels and positions on my carboys and screw with my head. It looks just like a stout I made midweek that’s just getting started.

Well executed prank. Douchey, but well executed.

Simply despicable… that is cause for a mini-heart attack!! :evil:

I’ve had fermentations that i thought were stuck restart after up to 8 weeks just from being disturbed or a slight rise in temperature. It is not often, but it does happen. Props to your bud though, he is clever and knew right where the bullseye was…