Fermentap oxygenation system

I recenyly bought a oxygenation system that I could use with a small disposable oxygen tank.My problem is I cant find a disposable tank that will fit the large regulator that came with the system.I went to Lowes, Costco and Ace Harware and all where to small for this regulator to fit.I live in central Fla does any one know where I can find the right tank for this system? Shirley

Sorry if this is a dumb question… You know the red tanks are reverse threaded, right? They go onto regulators backwards.

The regulator I have has a connection with 1 inch (inside) whereas all the tanks available here are 1/2 inch. That’s my problem. It seems I would have to buy a large oxygen tank to make the connection and I don’t need or can afford that. Where can I find the smaller oxygen tanks which would fit.

Find a welding supply shop in your area. They might be able to help you with an adaptor or something.

Can you post a link to the system you bought? Having trouble picturing this.

I purchased the Benzomatic 1.4 oz Oxygen Fuel cylinder at Lowes for $9.99. Works perfectly with the Oxygenation kit. Just remove the white plastic lid on the oxygen cylinder and twist the regulator counter clockwise onto the fuel cylinder.

http://www.lowes.com/pd_91314-717-OX9__ ... Ntt=oxygen