Ferment to fast with temp change?

I am a first time brewer and am brewing the Irish Red Ale from Midwest. I pitched at about 78 F and my airlock started bubbling like crazy within first few hours. I started reading some of the forums and found out it should ferment at 68-70 F so it sat at 75-76F for 24 hours before I put it in a swamp cooler to bring the temp down to 68F. Now it is down to temp the bubbling in the airlock has stopped. Have a messed up the fermentation process by droppping to temp? How does it effect the process if the temp does not stay right at 68F? Living in FL is a pain to try and keep the temp low.

Because of the warmer temps, it probably finished the fast part of the fermentation process. Once you put it in the swamp cooler, it would normally take 6-8 hours to get the beer temps down to what they should be.

In my opinion, depending on the yeast you used, you should ferment even cooler, perhaps BEER temps of low to mid 60’s

So I should leave it in primary for a little while longer without and bubbles in the airlock before I move it to secondary? Thanks for the response.

You will get a bunch of different answers on this but either leave in primary for three weeks and forget secondary or do two weeks primary and one week secondary.