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Fermcap-s left out......ok?

I’m getting my stuff ready for my brewday and realized I put my fermcap in with all of my salts, so it never got refrigerated. Should I toss it out or do you think its ok. :?

How long has it been without refrigeration ?

6 weeks

Last time I ordered ferm cap, I missed it in the shipping box and it was left in my basement (about 60*) for about 3-4 weeks. I fridged it and am still using it with no ill effect and it still works great.

I did some searching and a website said to keep it between 40 and 70 degrees. My basement stays in the mid 60s, so I think I’m ok.

I was worried about the same thing when I got mine. I use it all the time now, and the effect when you use it it super obvious. Squirt some Fermcap into some boiling wort, and if the foam disappears in 10 seconds or less, your stuff is good.

I don’t think the polymer will go bad, my guess is it might start growing stuff in the bottle. if you don’t see anything blue or green and fuzzy it should be fine.

I had never heard of this stuff before, but it sounds awesome and pretty cheap. I was thinking about ordering some from NB, but with daytime heat in the 100’s I may just wait until fall. My LHBS’s don’t carry it.

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