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Fermcap in starters

Can fermcap be used in a starter without boiling? I’ve been making starters for a year with canned wort and I love it. I’ve got 2 stir plates going, a 5L with a lager, and a 2L with 001. The 001 is blowing out of the flask. I’ve used fermcap in pre-boil starters and during the boil on brew day, but never post-boil in a full batch or on a starter. Is it safe?

I use Fermcap regularly in both starters and primary fermentation. Although I do boil my starters, I add one drop for a 2L starter to control blow off and it works very well. I also add 5-7 drops to my 6 gallon primary fermenter (post-boil) and have never had a problem with contamination or off flavors.

Should be OK. I add it to the primary at pitching.

breweries used to have to filter there beer if they used it required by FDA because of some stuff used in it, dont remember what it is. THere has been a ton of topics about it. Not sure if that is still the case?

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