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Feeling. Proud

Build him a walk in and brew lagers. Probably sell a lot of lagers down there

Yeah they do. He plans to do bonaire blond. Not a bad beer. But missing something. This beer haha they do claim brewed in bonaire. Not really label says. Uitgeest. Thats a town in holland

Update on the new brewery. Went there yesterday on how it went. And have a few. Drinks with my brewbuddy. Guess the guy did tuess day brew session. Boil over. Transferd the hot wort to the fermenting kettle. Not first. Chill the wort. And no. Refrectometer. Or hydrometer. Check. But at least he did add cold water to the fermenting kettle. Did ask him how cold before you did pitch yeast. His wort 86. When he did pitch. The dry yeast did make a starter for him. But he did use his drypack yeast. Belgium sassion. Nice yeast but does not work. Here on island to warm climate. His brew fermenting now but its slowing down now.

Hell learn. We all do or we give up.

Well simpel he did not listen. Or follow the notes. Shame his batch might be gone

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