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Feeling. Proud

Just here on the island just opend a bar the brewery. He is gonna brew beer. Did talk to him. On what he gonna brew yesterday. He wants his own beers on tap. He did show his. Brew system. Damm nice system. So did ask him what about water. Yeast kinds. And how to keep your fermenting at the right temp. Told him see if you get. Kveik yeast seems to work here. And make a starter. He does not have dme. Next monday he come to my house for a session. End of talk he said can you help me

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Good for you. Plenty of people opening brew pubs have more money than brewing skills. If nothing else you will solve your problem of getting yeast and grain

Indeed… there’s a place here in Minnesota that opened up maybe last year? Brewpub with food. The food was great. The beer tasted like the first recipe I put together. Loads of crystal malt, underattenuated swill. Good for you for helping the guy out.

Yes one of the people never did brew or understand brewing . Ok we all had to learn and me still learning new things . But starting a brew pub with out any idea or experince kind of weird will be brewing with him . Haha maybe make some extra money . Like i said to him . You need a water report figur out . What kind of beer you want to brew . And how to keep your brew under control . Fermenting wise . And how long and how fast you want your beer ready . Other thing he. Does not know what a yeast starter is to make starter you need dme . And grain wise or hops he dont know .

What you are doing is like writing a book on brewing. I hope you can help make their dreams a success.

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Yes dont want to claim i do know everything but me happy to help him out . Maybe become his brew master makes some extra $$$$


You must not have the same regulations there as we do here in the USA. Starting a brewery is not ab easy thing to do. They even keep track of the amount of grain you use and purchase so they can compare that to how much beer is supposed to be going out the door for tax purposes.

Haha no we do live on a corupted island you pay tax on the amount of beer you do sell from your bar further you pay shipping and handeling at custom nothing more

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Monday. A day of teaching and explaning on how to plan and excute the actual beer brew process. He did made lots of notes. Now see if he buys the right products. For brewing. He will brew today he said

You mentioned this guy bought a fancy brew system… has he ever made a batch before, or will this be his first? How big a batch is he making?

I hope the directions that came with his kit are good

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Yeah, this seems a bit odd. How does one even know what equipment they need without knowing how to brew commercially? Even home brewing and commercial brewing are not quite the same thing.

What size system did he get? 1 barrel? 5 barrel? Keep in mind, one of the most important pieces of brewing equipment when you run a brewery is the squeegee! :laughing:

And a floor drain


@wilcolandzaat, don’t take this as discouragement - I think it’s awesome that you have this opportunity! Just keep in mind, by the time you’ve emptied a 5bbo mash tun by the fourth or fifth time, you’ll know if brewing on this scale is for you. But you seem to have the eagerness that it won’t be an issue. Best wishes!

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Wait has he offered @wilcolandzaat a job? That would be cool but it sounds like he has a pretty cool job already.

If the guy has never brewed before, I sure hope he offered him a job!

Well the job might gonna happen he did call me last night. He did not expect so many things. He needed to do. Will see him today. He thought my system way easy. Me mashtun. And a 30 gall boil kettle. Nothing more. Keep it simpel. And the brews i do are for me not try to sell. What he has he can do a 50liter boil. And huge stainless steel fermentor. Kind of cool a copper mashtun and boil kettle. With pumps. And conputor in between. But his issue. No hydrometer. Or water report. Irish moss or whirl lock he did think just toss the water dont check. And start to mash or boil. The big issue i think. Keep the wort cool during ferment. And use different yeast. The yeast he has a real low tollerance. Think he uses dry belgium yeast. Preforms well between 68 to 72. Well here its 80 to 86. He got to learn. I told him get rid of this. Search for a high tollerance. Yeast. I know the answer. Kveik. Works here perfect. And he needs to do starters. But no dme he has. I shall see what it brings. Maybe make some extra cash helping him. Till now help him out with brew tip and info. See what he does say today.

This gonna be parttime. He plans to brew after five. I do stop working at four. So i can help him. But the truth to the matter will be. As long he dont pay me for my work. And he is conna sell comercial. I know we help and share info. On this forum as hobby brewers. Because we like to brew beer. For fun. Thats why i am thinking beer brew is lots of fun. And knowledge is power. I am not gonna share. Everything. Untill for sure got cash for my info. Ok on the end you can find lots of info on the internet


50 liters is (thanks, internet) 13 gallons… so is the fermentor about that size, or is he doing partial boils and topping off? How many fermentors does he have? 10 gallon batches probably go pretty quickly in a commercial setting.

Four fermentors he want to brew two batches a day think what he does not realise it takes time. Depends on the beer he brews. Me my self 4 to 6 weeks fermenting. Or even longer. So dont know on how fast he want to produce. He did brew a cascade ale yesterday. Me did some calculation. This morning. Should take five weeks before he can serve the beer.

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