Feel my pain

Dropped my starter Saturday. The sound you heard from SE Wisconsin was the collective screams of 200 billion healthy yeasties biting the proverbial dust, and a 2ltr. flask shattering into a kazillion pieces. I’d forgotten about the 24-36 hour lag time of pitching a smack pak instead of a starter.

Now that I think about it, I did shudder on Saturday like Obi Wan when the Death Star destroyed Alderaan.

How’d you drop it? Did it just slip out of your hand or what?

Just dropped. One of those Oh sh*t moments that happens in slow motion.

Yeah. Pretty sure that’s the exact time I got pile-driven by a huge wave while surfing Saturday morning. I felt your pain. And still do.

Which brings up a question in my mind… Which is worse: f-ing up your starter and having to scrammble yet ultimately making a decent beer, or having a perfect brew day and being disappointed with the product 2 mos later?

A packet or two of dry yeast is always a good back up plan… :wink:

I plan to raise a cold glass of home brew to each one of those poor cells that perished that fateful day!!!

The yeast holocaust. What a bummer.

Here’s to a new flask with the non-slip coating - hey, did I just invent something? :mrgreen: