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Favorite Scale

I’m currently using the Weighmax 2822-75LB; and the sensitivity just isn’t great.

Anyone have a scale they love?

Yes, but the one I will list is for things like hops and water amendments: ... P2057.aspx

I had one before that was very highly rated on Amazon. It was super slow, did not register very small incremental changes and would not register mass below 1 gram (if I remember correctly).

The one from Jennings is extremely accurate, responsive and sensitive. It responds if you simply blow on it. Now I can easily measure very small mineral additions, like .5g. LOVE IT!

I use a Rapala fish scale for weighing out buckets of grain and a little digital pocket scale for hops. I love them both. Check eBay for the pocket scales. Mine was less that $10 shipped.

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