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Favorite Oud Bruin recipes?

I’ll be freeing up some sour beer yeast soon and wanted to germ up a tasty loud bruin. Any recommendations? Tried this thread in Recipes but got no response :frowning:

Like a lot of sour beers, it’s more about souring technique and patience than it is about recipe. IMO anyway. I’ve done oud bruins two different ways. One is a dedicated recipe … something like base malt (I like vienna), roast malts for color and flavor, maybe some maize or wheat for complexity, then at least 12-15% crystal malt (especially the darker ones) for body, fruitiness, and residual sweetness. About 20 IBUs. To keep the sourness muted (as compared to flanders red), I rely on a diverse grain bill and use the first pitch from one of the flanders blends w/o adding any additional dregs.

The other approach I’ve used it to brew a light sour beer (90% base malt, 10% whatever else), pitch with the yeast/bugs, then a year or so later blend a low-hopped brown ale or old ale.

I usually re-use the cake as a re-pitch for a flanders red. I’ll add dregs to it to help increase the acidity and funkiness. Then repeat.

Thanks. I’m definitely in favor of letting the sour side shine. I just recently had a bourbonic chocolate sour porter from Cascade. They lrt the sour get some emphasis and what that beer did to me was unspeakably pleasurable.

One thing I’ve thought about doing is using a porter recipe (probably cutting the choc malt in half) for an oud bruin.

I’m currently drinking a robust porter that I attacked with some sour cake after primary had finished. I really like what it turned into, but it’s no oud bruin. Way too chocolatey.

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