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Favorite European Malster

I’ve got a new kegerator (which will double as a lagerator) coming in a couple days, and I’m looking to go on a lager brewing kick. I will most likely brew oktoberfest, helles, pilsner, shwarzbier, dopplebock, rauchbier. I’ve brewed with Weyermann almost exclusively as my European base malt, and while they are a fine standard, I feel like there is more out there that I need to experience.

What are your favorite European malsters for base malts? Since I’m focusing on lager styles for a while, it is important that I use a fantastic base malt since it will drive the majority of the flavor. I’m thinking of maybe using some Belgian malts (Castle malting) since they are known for their quality, has anyone used belgian malts in a german style brew?

I know the obvious answer is that I should try a bunch and figure out what I like on my own, but I’d really love to hear from anyone with some strong recommendations.


I’ve tried Castle, Weyermann, MFB, Durst and Best. All were good, but Best is my favorite.

+1 to Best as the best. I’ve made great beer with Franco-Belges Pils, too.

I’ve used Best, Weyermann and Global. I recommend them in that order but they are all pretty good. Just be sure and watch what the SRM is for the malt, I bought some Global Vienna that was 8 SRM and that was too dark to use in an all-Vienna beer.

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