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Favorite beer magazine?

What’s your favorite beer magazine and why? I’m thinking of a subscription for those long flights at work…

I have only read BYO and Zymurgy and both are good mags. I give the edge to Zymurgy because of the beer judge reviews, I use those as a training tool for judging practice.

I have subscriptions to Beer Advocate, Zymurgy and BYO. I enjoy all 3 for different reasons but I think that BYO is my favorite.

Care to write a quick sentence on what you like about each? I’m on a tight budget and just want one for now… Saving the cash for grains and hops! :wink:

I get BYO and Zymurgy but BYO is my favorite because it focuses more on brewing and less on the industry. But both are good. For general beer magazines, I think Draft is my favorite.

As far as home brew Mags I like BYO & Zymurgy. I would say BYO is geared more to new and intermediate brewers, while Zymurgy is for more advanced brewers. Zymurgy also has more AHA and industry news and helps support the community.

I have subscribed to BYO for a long time. It must be tough to come up with new material since there is only so much you can talk about. If you read it long enough you will see repeat projects and stuff. Not the exact same article but the same idea. I keep the sub up mostly for new recipes. I don’t use the extract ones but usually there are both extract and AG versions of each recipe.

They write articles that are for beginners up to ones with math formula that make my eyes glaze over. I haven’t looked at a Zymurgy in a long time so can’t comment but for the money I recommend BYO.

I prefer Zymurgy. I feel it has better, more useful info. In addition, it comes with a membership in the AHA so you not only get a great magazine, you help support the homebrewing hobby and help keep craft beer available. Disclaimer: I’ve written for both BYO and Zymurgy.

Beer Advocate is sweet. Less of a hb mag than small commercial features mag. Has a few articles on cooking and homebrewing. Cheap, too. I like all three mentioned here though.

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