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Favorite base malt?

Shoot, I meant Lennie! Sorry about that, dude! I knew that, I don’t know why I was thinking Lonny at the time.

For american 2-row, I’ve always been pleased with Rahr or Great Western. For Pilsner malt though, the Weyerman and the Best is all I’ve tried. Best Malz in a Patersbier was very nice, I’d like to try Durst Turbo pils though. Where do people source that stuff?

Don’t get Rahr pils, it’s awful in a helles or pilsner. Just bad malt flavor. I don’t know where people get Durst, I’ve never seen it.

Yeah I always rejected domestic pilsner out of impulse. I guess I’m not that surprised at your experiences with the Rahr.

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