Favorite American wheat yeasts?

Hello, Looking to begin experimenting in the area of American wheats (extract) and was wondering what every one’s favorite yeasts are?

If you’re looking for a little americanized hefe-like yeast character, I’d recommend the Wyeast 1010. That yeast occasionally gets bad reviews but I think it has its place with this style of beer. But if you’re just looking for a more neutral beer with wheat (grain) + hop character, you could just go with 1056 or US05.

A bit non-traditional, WLP029 Kolsch or (I would guess) the WY equivalent makes a GREAT american wheat. And its a great way to grow up a pitch for a kolsch!

I brewed a batch of coconut honey American wheat beer using 1010 that turned out real good.

I like Safbrew WB06

I like that yeast too, but for a German style wheat beer, not an american one. When I brew an American wheat I generally go with US-05, but I’m thinking about trying 2450 this year.