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Faucets and shafts

I have a question. I am almost done with building my keezer and want to know if I buy a Perl faucet will if fit on a standard shank? I have gone over a lot of reviews and I did not see anything to say one or the other…I went to my local store and he doesn’t carry Perl and wasn’t sure if they will fit with standard shafts…Thanks…Bottoms up!!! :cheers:

You might check out this previous thread about perlicks and shanks.

Cheers :cheers:

I remember that problem they are talking about but they fixed it and the new ones should fit without any problem.

I had issues with sealing properly when I first went from cheapys to Perls. Couldn’t figure out why one wouldn’t seal. Turns out it wasn’t a stainless shank, not even sure how I acquired it. Anyway, tested it out and confirmed the Perls all leaked on that shank. Have helped build a few systems since and haven’t had any seal issues with Perls and using stainless shanks.

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