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Faucet Adapter

We just got a new kitchen and I was excited to try the new ‘mega’ burner on the stove. I brew 3-gallon batches and usually spread the kettle over 2 burners. But then I realized that the new faucet we got doesn’t have the standard connection. By that, I mean there doesn’t seem to be a way to simply unscrew the end and attach my immersion chiller hose. It doesn’t look like anything unscrews from the end at all. Any ideas?

are you sure the faucet aerator does not unscrew? I can’t imagine it not being able to unscrew out. It’s probably recessed up inside the faucet, so a pair of needle nose should allow you to rotate it out and then you need the male adapter.

You’re right, it must somehow unscrew. We rent (NYC) so I’ll ask the super tonight when I get home.

Most kitchen faucets have female 15/16" threads to which the aerator is attached. Often they are very hard to remove as scale tends to build up on the threads and cause them to bind. You can immerse the end of the faucet in a small cup of white vinegar or CLR to help loosen the threads. You will also need an adapter to a garden hose fitting to use your chiller.

Search Amazon for “adapter faucet to garden hose” After you get the aerator off the faucet these will screw right on. Then you will have to see if the stream out is still OK for everything else if you don’t want to switch back and forth.

Do you have a sprayer on that sink? I can take my spray nozzle off the hose very easily and then rig up an adapter for the chiller.

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