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Fast Pitch cans leaking?

I have been using Fast Pitch for starters lately because it is really easy to use. We finally made it back up north and I was emptying the RV fridge out and put two cans on the counter. Came back a while later to find a puddle under both cans and a mess on the floor. I don’t know if they need refrigeration but it was a handy place to store them and couldn’t hurt.

I cleaned them up and put both on paper towels. Even gave them a squeeze but could not get a leak out of them. This morning the paper towels are wet again. I can’t figure it out but makes me nervous to use them if they are not sealed.

Anyone else find the cans leaking? I did have one arrive from NB that was damaged and leaked all over the shipment of stuff but they replaced it no questions asked.

If the can was dented and formed a kink there might be a pinhole. Odd that you can’t force it to leak though… Does it feel like the can has pressure, or is the sidewall easy to squish?

Well the two of them are on a new paper towel and no leak. They don’t have any pressure to start with since it’s not carbonated so they are all easy to squish. I can give both a good squeeze and nothing comes out. A mystery.

I have a few here that I had at room temp for a few weeks then put in the basement which has been in the high 50’s for a couple more weeks and I have not seen any leaks.

I put both cans on a paper towel again and put them in the “back room” (we only have a crawl space) that is not heated very well. Still dry. Starting to think I imagined it. :confused:

I wonder if the cans had wort from the one that was truly punctured that dried and condensation formed when they came out of the fridge. Thought that I had cleaned everything off after that. Still a mystery.

Thanks for the ideas @tominboston

I finally caught the culprit. After finding another wet paper towel under the two cans I put them on separate paper towels and put them on a shelf. It got very warm here for this time of year that day and the room they were in was closed so it got even warmer in there. One of the cans not only soaked the towel but now is noticeably lighter than the other. It does look crinkled a little bit so it may have been damaged in shipping or by me moving it around and being transported in a motor home.

The cans look like a regular “tall boy” beer can but since it’s not carbonated there isn’t any outward pressure so I think they are more susceptible to being punctured. Strangely I still could not squeeze out any of the wort. I will probably still buy them because they are so easy to use.

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