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Fast Fermentor

I see the new Fast Fermenter.

Now THAT is a great idea for small batch home brewers. I see this becoming the standard over carboys and buckets.

Wish this was around a few years ago!

Anyone buy one yet?

I bought a very similar plastic fermenter many years ago. It worked fine, but I cleaned it with the brush that came with it and eventually realized I was creating small scratches in the plastic interior. It also took a lot of space and was awkward to use and clean. Finally, It dawned on me that I could get equal results from a cheap bucket with a spigot.

Several months ago I posted a link to the new version, thinking it had some clever design features. The comments I received hurt my feelings and I had to go to therapy. :lol:

Seriously, though, I do think it has some nice features if you have a way to control fermentation temps.

IMO, not a chance.

I like the concept…and consider buying one every time someone posts about them. Then I see the price, consider how to stand/hang/control ferm temps/clean…

If I want to use plastic a bucket works fine. When I have the urge to see inside, a plastic bubbler or glass carboy. The most expensive of which is half the price of the fast ferment conical and stands on it’s own.

I agree with all the above especially with controlling term temps. Unless you build a chamber for it and control temps it would be nearly impossible.

The stand IS an issue as well as the overall price.

I like the idea of bottling right from the fermenter as it would save an entire step.

And good point about it being plastic…buckets are easy to replace.

You’re probably right Denny…buckets are here to stay.

You can buy a lot of buckets for $100. I would go the extra $$ and get a stainless conical if you are hell bent for having one. I can primary, secondary, harvest yeast and go right to kegs with mine. They are expensive but unlike the plastic are almost indestructible.

Mark I totally agree.

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