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Fast fermentation Caribou Slobber?

This is my 2nd run at Caribou Slobber extract, first full boil with it. Brewed it up 11/09 and pitched Danstar Windsor yeast at 66 degrees. Pitched it dry. By next morning 11/10 it was looking good with a foamy krausen forming temp at 68. By evening the krausen was nearing the neck of the 6 gallon carboy, all looking good, temp at 68-70. Decided to cool it down a little bit thinking it was a nice strong fermentation going and added a frozen water bottle to bring down a little bit. This morning 11/11 noticed the krausen was starting to drop and it kind of worried me a little. Out picking up a zillion leaves all day and mowing and when I came back in tonight to check there is no activity in the airlock and it does not look as if the yeast is working. Temp is still at 66 which I figured was OK. Last time I did this brew the krausen didn’t drop til 5th day but looking at my notes I did keep it at a lower temp all the time. A tad worried something is wrong here. Do you think I should repitch more yeast at this point. I’m letting it warm up at this time to see if that helps but I absolutely see no activity in the carboy. It will warm to 68/70 where it is at now.

There is a chance that active fermentation is over. I wouldn’t worry. Just cause there is no air lock active. That is not a sure sign that fermentation is done. Best way to tell if fermentation is complete is taking a gravity reading with a hydrometer… if you didn’t take original gravity reading test a few samples over a week’s time and if has not changed your fermentation is complete. For now if you dont own a hydrometeri would let it do its thing and wait out the two weeks fermentation time

I’d give this one plenty of time and I agree with the recommendation to check a SG (in a few days, really too soon now) to see where youre at. I really am not a fan of that yeast as my one and only stalled fermentation and major faux pas/bottle bombs occured with a similar scenario to yours (back when i was a noob brewer, of course :joy: )

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Thanks for the replies and advice. I guess I will wait and see what happens here. I did take an OG so I will take another reading in a few days to see where that falls. Just seemed strange to me that initial fermentation went so quick o this especially the way it started out. But then again this is only my 10th brew. I have so much to learn.

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Windsor is a low attenuating yeast. I used it for the first time for my last Caribou Slobber. The SG was 1.019 after two weeks. Very syrupy and too sweet to drink. I took it down to 1.011 by pitching a half liter starter of US-05 at high krausen. Took another two weeks and it is tasting great. 1.011 was the typical FG when using WY 1332.


Same issue i did had. Did use. Us5 yeast. Took a reading. And the gravity droped. So. Left it be after about. 2weeks. A taste sample and grav check it tasted good. A nice beer to drink once finished. Dont rely 100% on airlock activity. Use your hydrometer

I am with you as to yer next step. When you sample and find it is not dry enough, then as Flars sez, to repitch with a higher attenuating yeast. Let yer taste buds and hydro reading direct you! Sneezles61

So what do you think. How long should I wait? Give it a week? 2 weeks? Take a gravity and taste then decide whether or not to pitch again. I have never had to repitch so what is the process? Do you aerate again or will that add too much oxygen at this point? Not saying that I will have to but just want to know the proper procedure just in case.

You brewed 11/09, so I would check 11/14, 5 days should give you time for the yeast to settle down to just cleaning up, then you’d do good to run yer test. Don’t bother the brew, hydrate or make a starter, which ever you choose. When hydrating, add after 10 minutes of hydrating, or with the starter, look for yeast action, foamy top, then pitch. Sneezles61

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Awesome. Thankyou

Check the SG on 11/23 and again on 11/28. Don’t try to rush a Slobber or fix a problem that may not exist. CS tastes best beginning well after 8 weeks in the bottle.

Thanks Flars, will do. 8 weeks in the bottle? Last time didn’t last more than 4 or 5 weeks. Bu this time I also have 3 others bottled up so that might help it to last a tad longer.

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