Fast ferment initial construction

I recently purchased the fast ferment system and it stated that you need to clean it before assembly. I got pbw to do the job, but a thought occurred to me that the instructions on the cleaner state to soak it for 24 hours. I thought about mixing it up and seeing if it will be useful in a spray bottle, but I wanted to find out if anybody had any ideas.

The instructions on my PBW say a 25 to 35 minute soak or run through for CIP of brewing equipment or overnight soak for greasy kitchen tools.

A one hour soak to clean new equipment is sufficient. Longer than that, if you have hard water, can cause precipitation of minerals which will be difficult to remove.

Keep sanitizer in your spray bottle. Cleaning does need soaking to remove residues.

Be sure to rinse well with warm water after using PBW.