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Fast falling krausen

Brewed my second batch of Caribou Slobber this weekend and after pitching the yeast the krausen grew fairly quickly and the blowoff tube was bubbling away within an hour. By 24 hours the krausen was gone and the bubbling has slowed. This is all occurred much faster than my previous batch.
The only difference is my fermentation room is a little warmer now. Fermentation temps are 72-75 while the previous batch was 66-70.

Would temperature be a reason for this? I don’t think the temps are too high but just might be speeding things along. Yeast is safe ale S-04

Your higher ferm temps are the reason for the fast ferment. Fermentation temps will be 3-5° warmer than ambient. In your case you were probably closer to fermenting at 78°. This is way to warm IMO. The problem with too high of ambient temps is that it also increases fermentation temps because as the temps rise the yeast activity increases thus causing even higher ferm temps. You are likely going to have some fusel alcohol at that temp.
Research swamp coolers for a cheap way to keep temps down.

Will getting the temp down now be of any benefit?
It was at 72 this morning with no swamp cooler (yet).

As far as the temp gos It’s to late now, but imo if you were to drop the temp right after main fermentation is over you could possibly make it worse. right now the yeast are cleaning up after themselves and by dropping the temp now may cause them to stop and drop out completely.
I would just let it go for 2 weeks and then cold crash it, taste,then bottle. after bottling leave it for 30 days and taste again to see if it has gotten better then it was at bottling time. if its bad tasting dump it.

+1 higher temps mean faster fermentation… and not as clean. For most ale yeast you really want to be in the low to mid 60’s, IMO.

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