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Farmhouse biÈre de table

I plan on brewnig a 10 gallon AG batch of the farmhouse Biere this weekend. I planned on force carbing in two corny kegs rather than bottle conditioning. Is this a mistake? Given the yeast strain and the beer style is this a beer that needs to condition in a bottle to fully develop the flavor? Any thoughts are appreciated.

I just tried my BDT that has been in the keg about a week. DELICIOUS!!!
I’ve made a previous batch that was bottled and it came out awesome too. IMHO it is not necessary to bottle for it to be great.


How many volumes do you target for carbonating this one?

My personal preference for carbonation is around 2.5vol. If you’re kegging you can always raise and lower it to your taste. 3.0vol wouldn’t be unheard of. This is such a fantastically crisp beer to begin with, the bubbles dancing on the tongue would just enhance that.

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