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Farmhouse Ale Yeast- WY#3726

I just bottled a Saison Monday, took my final gravity read and it was 1.006. This beer went from OG of 1.059 down to the 1.006 in 3 weeks. Wow, that’s 89% apparent attenuation.I did long mash starting at 140* and slowly ramped up to 149* and held there for 1hr. Then ramped up to 162* held for 20 mins than started sparge.The wort tasted like saltine crackers minus the salt, man it was good.

Pitched at 63* and let free rise to 75*,then after 45hrs from pitch I took the carboy into the front room near the wood stove. Yeah, that’s right wood stove and finished fermenting at 80*.
The hydrometer sample was dry and had a slight tropical fruit aroma and flavor and finished with a light pepper taste. Yum!

:cheers: Mike.

This is my favorite saison yeast. Always dependable too. I need to buy some while NB still has it around.

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