Farm house ale

this one came out nice a awesome taste a abv of 10 %


Looks good. Have you bottled this one for aging a few?

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no let it stand in the second for three months .and did keg it about two weeks ago.
did try it last sunday damm good taste . gonna place a order for some new beers and one of them will be for sure the farm house
even my wife did like it lots and she does not drink beer

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How about sharing. :beers: LOL


Gotta get my passport updated. :grinning:

got a place to stay brew beer and sit under the palm tree enjoy a cold brew

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Then the alarm clock went off and had to wake up!! Sneezles61

I’ll would pass on an offer like this. When the temp gets to 68°F I’m really uncomfortable. Do you ever come north?

@wilcolandzaat, careful… I have a valid passport and my wife loves beaches. I could very easily convince her to take that offer!

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Brewing with you sounds like a good time count me in!

Love me some farmhouse ales! This ones 90% pils, 10% wheat. 30 IBU saaz and EKG. Primary with TYB Wallonian farmhouse yeast. Peppery, earthy, and bone dry. Half the batch is aging on brett, and this one got bottled in heavy champagne bottles to 4 volumes.


yeah last month went to newwark delaware and sanfransisco doing my other passion besides drinking beer going to metal concerts

Define metal concerts…death, black, progressive?

trash metal and death metal

excellent :slight_smile:

looks awesome