False Bottom for Keggle

Hello everyone.

A while back while browsing the boards, I read a post from a brewer who linked a website for a false bottom that would fit in a keggle. For the life of me I cannot find the post and for some stupid reason, or maybe I had one too many homebrews (is there such a thing?) I forgot to bookmark the website. At any rate, the false bottom was very affordable. My reasoning for this is that I am 1/2 way through drilling a crap load of holes in my keg top to make a false bottom and to be quite honest, I’m opting for the quick and easy route. I have read several posts about using a braided hose but I think I would prefer an actual false bottom. If anyone knows where I can get a false bottom for cheap, please let me know. I need to get it asap because I am dying to use my keg brewing system. Thanks for the help! :cheers:

Not sure if this is what you had in mind but, I have one of these and really like it.

http://www.norcalbrewingsolutions.com/s ... ttoms.html

They offer many, many options.

Good Luck

That is the site! Thank you. What size do you use? I was thinking of the 15" so that it covers the entire bottom of the keg. I can cut a hole, cut it half and weld hinges on it with no problem.

Not sure what size I have without going to pull the paperwork or measure it. :lol:

I got a keggle from CHI Company a few years ago and it IS a Sapporo keg. I just measured and went from there.

The false bottom fit great but the (MB) - 1/2 IM chiller I bought did not. :cry:

I had a local friend who’s a natural with metal cut back the opening of the keggle and now all is good. Works like a charm!

GREAT products and really fast shipping. Definitely order from them again. 8)


Sabco makes a great folding false bottom that drops into even small top openings and covers the bottom of the keg above the curve so no grain is ever in contact with the direct heat. I have these in both my keg kettle and mash tun.