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EZ Water question - confused

I like to add “all” of my salts to the liquor water Prior to mashing/lautering/boiling.

In section 4a (where you calc your salts to adjust “mash pH down”), should I add all of my salts to the Mash Water Additions blocks, or to the Sparge water additions blocks? Or divide my salts and add half to the mash blocks and half to the sparge blocks?

Each method yields far different results. So confused…

Only looked at EZ water once about a year ago. Ended up using Brunwater.

Your mash and sparge water will need different levels of additions to control pH. The mash pH is affected by your grist so you’ll need less acid for example to lower pH in the mash than in the sparge.

sorry Danny. I should of clarified: I am a batchsparger, so my mash and my spargewater are identical.

IIRC - Leave the ‘Adjusting Sparge Water’ checkboxes checked, adjust your mash water additions only - as desired, the sparge water additions should be automatically filled in. You then combine both the mash and sparge water additions to treat all of the water at once.

I have no preference, but have you also tried the Bru N Water or Brewers Friend calculators? I suppose there’s a certain learning curve to each.

thanks Manfred. Yes I tried Brunwater but it was too timeconsuming and technical. Not near as layman user-friendly as Ezy water. A lot of low-explanation/no-explanation stuff on it.

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