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EZ cap 1 Liter Bottles

I purchased two cases of these bottles thinking it would make bottling easier and used them on two different batches of beer. Both times the beer initially was great and carbed well, however after only a short shelf life the carbonation was gone and I was left with flay beer. Delicious beer but flat non the less. Has anyone had any issues with these bottles. Am I doing something wrong. I mean they are pretty self explanatory, but…


You might need to replace the gaskets. Or use some keglube on them to make them seal better.

I stayed away from those for that exact reason. When I looked them up on the interwebs, I found a lot of posts that said the same thing. I guess the tops are plastic now instead of ceramic…that would be my guess at the poor success rate. I’m assuming you bought them new and they should have good gaskets. Lube em up and drink fast! :slight_smile:

Strange… I used those for a while and had no issues. I have even lost a few in the cellar that I opened up a couple years later that had carbonation.

Now that I’m kegging, though, they just sit empty in a box. LOL

Thanks for all the input everyone. I purchased new and they are ceramic tops I think, but never tried the keg lube. I will give it a try, but I too will be kegging soon so they’re use will be limited to gift giving during holidays.

Try tweaking the bail a little to get more pressure on the gasket?

You’ve got me a little worried here - I’ve been stocking up on these and have a batch conditioning in them now, another to be bottled later in the week. They seem to be more or less the same as Grolsch bottles, and those work just fine. What’s keg-lube, and where do I get some?

Thanks for all the great input on this topic. To the guy who has been stocking up on these things I feel for ya. I am gonna try the keg lube next batch I brew and only bottle a couple to see. Fingers crossed

I had the same problem after a few batches. Replaced the gaskets and haven’t had a problem since.

Keg lube is a gasket lube. You can order a big tube from NB or get it at your local shop. Or, you can buy a small can of plumber’s grease at your local hardware store. A little bit goes a long way.

I would recommend a food-grade silicon lube first, like the spray version I use for my sausage making hardware.

I’ve not had any problems with the wire-bale type bottles, even over 1+ year storage. Change your gaskets.

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