Extract Smash Brew?

I’ve got 5 1-gallon carboys that are empty and would like to do some session-ish brews focusing on one malt and some different hops/hop addition times. Is it considered blasphemy to use LME like Maris Otter/Pilsen for Smash brews? Thanks for any info!!!

The only blasphemy in home brewing is believing that there is such a thing as blasphemy in home brewing.

Since it sounds like you’re trying to learn the impacts of differing hop schedules; keeping the rest of the wort as consistent as possible between batches is just plain good scientific method. I think a simple extract recipie would be a great way of getting that consistency, with the only caveat being that I doubt you can be consistent with less than whole bottles of LME.

I agree…will probably end up going the DME route…yeast will remain a constant Safale US-05.