Extract receipe for Old Mikwauke light

My wife family is having a get together in a few month. Her family like their beer and are normally drinking cheap beer. Does anyone know of a kit or extract recipe that I could follow that would be close to Milwaukee best light. I would like the ABV to be the same as reg light beer.


Cheap American lager is really hard to clone. Are you set up with the temp control to lager? If not, look for a cream ale kit (hate that name, but it’s a good style). Northern Brewer has something called Speckled Heifer… it’s a take on a Wisconsin-only beer of some repute… brewery rhymes with “blue Harris.” That seems in line with a lite, refreshing beer for the masses.

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Thanks for your reply. Yes I am set up for doing a cool fermentation although I have not done one yet

I’m not an expert on lager brewing at all, so bumping this in hopes lager brewers can give you some pointers. All I know is you need a ton of yeast…

You won’t need a ton of yeast to brew a light beer. I’ve tried but light beer drinkers are a stubborn lot they believe it’s unmanly to drink craft beer I have some friends like that anyway. But you could try some DME and corn sugar to about .045 add a pack of 34/70 at around 50 deg, ferment for a week or two at that temp. Cold crash and use gelatin to get it really clear. Then carbonate it pretty high and serve it super cold. If you want to make something good for yourself brew a nice Pilsner and maybe you can get a few converts.

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Oh and use cluster for the hops but not much.

Ibu about10. And 8-12 for yellow fizzy macros in general.