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Extract kit question

I’m a new brewer, and recently brewed my second batch. It was the NB Phat Tyre extract kit. The recipe calls for adding the dry extract at the beginning of the boil and the 6 Lbs of malt extract syrup and 2nd hops 45 minutes into the boil. I, however, mistook the instructions and added the dry and syrup at the beginning of the boil. So, I boiled the syrup 45 minutes longer than the recipe calls for. Of course, I just added the 2nd hops at 45 minutes and finished as advertised.

Can anyone help me understand how this mistake will affect my finished beer? I cooled and pitched at about 70°. I am about 48 hours into primary with about 1" of krausen and plenty of activity at ~ 64°, so I am making beer. I just don’t know how much my error will affect the final product of my brew.


Your beer will be slightly darker in color. That’s about it. Hold your wort temperature at 64° to 62° for the first few days and you will have a great beer.

Thanks, Flars!. You guys that have your poop in a group (that’s a fancy way of having your $#!t together :smiley: ) are extremely helpful and I appreciate all of the advice and support you guys offer!

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