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Extract IPA Critique

Brewed this yesterday so not much I can do to change it but I figured I’d throw it out for suggestions to improve.

9lbs Pale LME
1.5lbs Crystal 10L

1oz Magnum (14.4%) 60
0.5oz Magnum (14.4%) 45
1oz Centennial (8.1%) 15
1oz Cascade (6.4%) 15
1oz Cascade (6.4%) 5
2oz Cascade (6.4%) 1
2oz Columbus dry hop

Wyeast 1056 American Ale*
White Labs WLP001 California Ale yeast*

*Intended to be just the Wyeast but when I was cleaning up I realized that the nutrient pack had folded over on itself and trapped a crap load of yeast. WLP001 was the closest strain I could get as a backup.

4 gallon boil, 5 gallons in primary. 2 minutes O2. 70F for the first 12 hours now at ~65-67F which I believe is a little colder than the WLP001 recommended temp.

Looks like a nice recipe, middle of the road gravity for an Amer IPA, best wishes. Should be nice and bitter and aromatic. Tell us how it turns out.

Might be a little on the bitter side but should be good.

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