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Extract Brewing without topping off

Just thinking out loud here, normally i’m all-grain but lately have done 2 extract kits to make my brew days easier and faster. I am also going to start BIAB after watching the episode on Brewing TV. Just curious if anyone has ever made an extract kit with say a 3-4 gal boil, then instead of topping off with water to 5 gal just sealed up the fermentor with that 3 gal of now higher than target OG wort. You are basically not making the “kit” anymore just a very strong brew using LME or DME. Any negative effects of this, other than of course diffrent hop utilization?

I think the main negative is that you are making generic “beer” rather than a particular style. Sure the alcohol profile will be higher, but the flavor profile will also be off: maybe good, maybe bad, but you won’t know until that first glass.

Also, you’ll have less total. :wink:


edit: if it is nasty because of the high alcohol or concentrated flavor, I guess you could pour 3/4 glass and top each off with a little sparkling water (not club soda.) Doubt it’d make it any worse.

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