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Extract brew advice

I’ve brewed about 10 extract kits and am looking at trying to develop a recipe to brew on Monday.

What I’ve brewed and liked have been:

  • Saison
  • Dead Ringer
  • Shining Star-- needed a little more time bottle conditioning
  • Extra Pale Ale
  • Tongue Splitter
  • Dry Dock Pale Ale (most recent) real nice brew after 2 weeks bottle conditioning

Mixed results on the Hefeweizen right now! I’m sure it’s me but I’m more of a IPA, Pale Ale guy. Saison suprised me a bit, acquired taste but it’s not too shabby!!

  • Cream Ale was ok

So looking at a APA or IPA maybe trying some different hops like magnum, galaxy or simcoe. Anybody have any help they would be willing to provide?


Do you have a favorite IPA? If so, what I will sometimes do is search out clone recipes for the specific beer to get a rough plan for the grain bill and hop profile. Also, some breweries are really cool about letting you know which hops they use in their beer. You may want to start there.

Use some of NB’s nice blended LME for pale ales. 6lb of this and a pound of table sugar would make a nice 1.053 OG brew that finishes fairly dry. Bitter with Magnum to about 37IBU, thats an ounce of 10% AA. Finish with a blend of Simcoe and Galaxy if you can get it. Or Centennial and Simcoe is nice. I’d use at least an ounce of blend at 15 and at 5, two ounces wouldn’t hurt.

Its that simple to make a recipe.

Thanks for the help guys. Here’s what I was thinking.

Anita Nother Pale Ale (yields 5 gallons)

Specialty Grain bill

1 pound of Briess caramel steeped for 20 minutes


6 pounds of Gold Malt Syrup

3.15 pounds NB Malt Blend

Thinking of doing half (4.5 pounds at 60 minutes and the other half with 15 minutes left in boil)


Magnum Hops
1 ounce 60 minutes bittering
.5 ounce at 15 minutes
.5 ounce at 5 minutes


1 ounce at 30 minutes
1 ounce at Flameout
Dry hop 1-2 ounces


Safale US-05 American Ale

Please excuse any noob mistakes. Appreciate the help!!


Looks good, I like Amarillo. What crystal are you going to use? 40L?

Would 40 l be a good start?


Just a thought, I would drop the crystal to .5 lb or less. The extract should have some in it.

Instead of a 30 min addition, maybe 10 and 5 min. for the Amarillo.

With that amount of extract, a lb. of sugar would dry it out nicely.

Thx for the help.


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