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Extract boil times

When making an extract kit that calls for a lot of late additions to the boil, it usually stops boiling For a while after the ingredients are added. Should I wait for it to start boiling again before starting the timer, or should I let the remaining time run out even if the wort has not resumed boiling yet?

I could be wrong here, but since DMS isn’t an issue and i don’t believe your hop oils are really goona care about the small difference in temperature we’re talking about… so I don’t think I would stop your timer. It should all be fine without it, and if you do you could throw off your bitterness profile substantially.

I’ve never had an issue. I’ve not jumped to all-grain yet, and haven’t had a bad batch of extract yet (knock on wood).

Only time I drop the heat on my boil is when an addition of DME threatens to cause quite a bit of boil over!

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