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Extract Barleywine w/ Specialty Grains recipe attempt

My buddy and I are putting together a Barleywine extract w/ specialty grains recipe and I wanted to post it and get some feedback and ask a few questions. We’re still working on it but I just want to see if its heading in the right direction. It’s the first time we’ve put a recipe together from the ground up.
I’ll write the recipe as it would be for a 5 gallon full boil batch(starting with about 6 gallons and boiling down to 5), though my buddy wants to do 10 gallons, I’ll get to that later.

6 lbs Amber LME
6 lbs Amber LME(late addition)
1 lbs Caramel 120
8 oz Chocolate Malt
1 lbs Corn Sugar

2.25 oz Northern Brewer 60min
2.0 oz Liberty 10min
2.0 oz Chinook Dry Hop

Wyeast 1056

O.G. 1.105~F.G. 1.026
SRM 24
IBU 75.2
ABV 10.5%
(i used hopville to put this together)

We’re going for something a touch darker than usual and slightly hop forward. How’s it looking? I’m kind of thinking it needs a higher IBU.
My buddy would like to double this up to a ten gallon batch. I’m not thrilled with the idea. We’d have to split the batch between a full boil in one kettle and a partial boil in another because we don’t have a large enough kettle to to do 10-12 gallon full boil. He may be able to get his hands on a larger kettle, we’ll see. The idea is to then put the batches into a 50L keg to ferment.

I’m concerned about the yeast first of all. I’m making a pale ale with the 1056 and plan on using the yeast cake but thats not going to be enough for a 10 gallon batch, is it? I also have a 5L flask and stir plate for a big starter. If the yeast cake isn’t big enough how much of a starter would I need in addition to the yeast cake?

Second, keeping the fermentation temps in check seems like it’ll be a pain. I was thinking if we made a large enough swamp cooler we might manage. Will the temps in such a volume get difficult to maintain with the crazy fermentation thats bound to happen?

Third, aeration. I’ve got a mixer that attaches to a drill but for 10 gallons of barleywine I seriously doubt that will get the job done. I’m not exactly in the market for a pure oxygen aeration system right now($).

It seems like doing a ten gallon batch right off the bat is foolish, or are my concerns unfounded and is going for such a large volume of high gravity beer easier than I’m thinking its going to be?

Any help is GREATLY appreciated. My buddy is really excited, but I don’t think it’s feasible for us right now. Are we better off with 5 gallons?

Only one way to find out!

If you can cool 10 gallons quickly and control the ferm temp then you’ll be fine!

You might even be better off making 5 gallons, cooling it and adding it to the fermenter, oxygenating. Pitch the yeast. Then making another 5 gallons. Cooling it, add it to the fermenter. Aerate again. All in the same day of course. Its extract, it’ll go by fast!

You can try cycling sanitized frozen bottles of water to control fermentation temps.

IMO i would use extra light extract. amber will leave you with a higher FG. and no need to sanitize frozen water bottles if you’re using them in a swamp cooler

I agree that you’ll probably get a better beer by using the lightest extract you can find using specialty grains for color and flavor. And assuming you’re making an AM. BW, you definitely need more bitterness.

And with all extract, I think you’ll want to increase the sugar to at least two lbs or risk a sweet BW.

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