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Extra Special Bitter

is on the way from NB. Has anyone tried the extract/partial kit? Any commercial comparisons come to mind? And… being the typical tinkerer that I am, I’m thinking about upping the IBU’s and aroma. Any suggestions? Thanks, Mike

This was by far my favorite extract kit. Some people compared it to Fuller’s but I think it was better. Many ESB’s have a caramel taste that I do not care for. This kit had only a hint of malty sweetness. I would agree that bumping up the IBU’s would not be a bad thing, but this beer is really good just the way it is.

Thank you for the input. I intend on adding some Super Galena at 60min, just a pinch. Why SG? Because it’s what I’ve got on hand. Maybe a little on the back side for aroma.

I remember doing this kit a few years ago and thinking it was great. Can’t recall whether I would change anything or not specifically but if you like more hops I say go for it.

I think if you add a small amount more hops you’ll have a delicious beer on your hands. The kit is really good as is too.

Thank you.

I made an all grain ESB, based on the NB recipe with a little more Maris Otter to get the OG up to about 1.058 (a little high for an ESB, but so what?). I think it’s very good, but I would love to have some more hops in it, so I think you’re on the right track.

With Brewsmith, I added an extra half pound of dme gaining a 1.060 OG and increased the IBU’s to just under 50.

I would not add more bittering hops, I think the kit will be balanced already. Use them to dry hop, this is traditional for an ESB and will give some nice flavor. The Super Galena should give some pine, citrus and earthy notes. Thats based on reviews of Mikkeller Super Galena single hop IPA.

Noted. I dropped the IBU’s down to ~46. I intend on dry hopping with the super galena. Where once I’d turn my nose up at any bitter hoppy beer, I’ve seen the light and have become quite the hop head.

Interesting. I am swinging the other direction as of late. I started out loving hops because the first beer that introduced me to good beer was an IPA, but now Im really enjoying the more malt forward recipes. Ive been getting into lagering lately and am loving the malty sweetness that shines through.

But hops still rock.

That’s due to age and dropping out of the hops… mostly from it being imported across the pond and sitting on a bottle shelf for too long. Fresh, they’re intended to be dryer and hoppier.

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