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Extra hops in Dead Ringer IPA?

I received (6) 1 oz packages of the hopes in my Dead Ringer IPA but the recipe only calls for 5 total ounces. Is the recipe wrong or did I get an extra hops package?

If dead ringer is a two hearted clone it could use more dry hops IMO

So the recipe calls for 1 oz hops at beginning of boil, another 1 oz with 20 min remaining, and then 2 oz with 5 min remaining. Would you suggest maybe 1 oz with 10 min remaining? I guess it is homebrew so I can do whatever I want. But suggestions would be appreciated.

I think the last one is for dry hopping

Yep, you are right, they get added in during the second fermentation.


When I brew Dead Ringer I always buy extra hops so I can add 2oz for dry hopping a week before bottling.

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If you can… get even more and utilize them AFTER primary fermentation is done… Don’t be bashful… Alls that will get you is mediocre home brew… Sneezles61

Packaging error. A while ago I received the Dead Ringer with 8 one ounce packets of hops. Just recently added one of them to my Chinook IPA.

Store the extra in the freezer until needed.

I wonder if they have too many hops and are selectively thinning out the old… Sneezles61

A little extra hops tossed in makes for a happy customer maybe repeat customer. Great marketing or sloppy packer either way works for me. Ive never brewed a kit except a couple of freebies. When I look at them they always seem skimpy. I guess to keep the price down

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