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External CO2 Tank

Just wondering if there is a good way or “rule of thumb” when drilling through the back side of a chest freezer? I plan on having the tank in a closet behind my future bar & bring the 4 gas lines through the wall and into the upper back side so nothing is showing. I don’t want a collar as i’m using 2 dual tap towers & don’t want too much height. Do schematics show the coolant lines as well as wiring? I can’t find the manual for the freezer anyway. Anyone else do something similar? Thanks!

What brand is your freezer? Someone with the same model may have advice.

On my reefers, I drilled a 1/16 hole and used a piece of wire to feel for lines.

I’m curious about the four lines. Why not one line into a manifold?

It’s a Whirlpool 42" long. Guessing 9 Cu. Ft. I can fit 6 cornys plus the hump. I want to control each keg seperately with its own gauge. That’s why there are 4 gas lines. Could i bring 1 line in to a secondary regulator with 4 gauges for each keg? I don’t have a clue, but i’d like each keg controlled seperately with an external tank. Am i over thinking this? Thanks again.

If you want different pressure to each keg, you would need a regulator for each line. If you just want to shut off individually, a ball valve (preferably with a check
valve) on each line would work. Four individual gauges will show what ever pressure your reg. is set at.

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘controlled separately’. Do you want to regulate pressure, or flow?

Sorry for the confusion! I already purchased a two body Taprite reg. & plan on adding two more regs. in line to seperately control the pressure of each keg (4 total). So there would be 4 gas lines that need to go into the freezer. I suppose i could attach 2 gas lines to the Taprite & split it again inside the freezer. I thought it would be nice to regulate each keg (pressure) according to style. Maybe that’s a PITA! Again, the CO2 tank will be in a closet behind the bar so it’s not visible. No idea where to drill without a wood collar. Thanks for any suggestions.

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