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Extended ferment

Hey Guys,

I have been missing for the last few months from brewing and have a question for you.
I was cleaning out my kegerator bc I had just tapped off my last 2 HB’s. I was getting my gear together to brew another batch and I ‘found’ my AG Dead Guy Ale clone in my fermenting chamber. It has been in there at 49° for about 8 months (yikes) out of sight & mind. Is there any possibility that this will be as good as it would have been 7 months ago? Should I even bother kegging it, or should it go down the drain? I feel awful for letting this happen, but there were bigger things happening that kept me away from my hobby. Thanks.


I have had this go both ways. I forgot about a Kolsh for many months and it kegged just fine but I also left a red ale in glass for a few moths to many and had to dump it. if it tastes fine keep it if you get some major off flavors dump it.

It was on primary for that long? Definitely taste it before going to the hassle of kegging it. It might be really great

No, it was the secondary at 49°, primary was at 60°.

Secondary off the yeast cake and you might be golden

+1, I’ve gone that long in secondary with a barleywine. You might have lost some hop aroma, but the flavor should be fine.

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