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Exponential purification?

If yeast grows exponentially, then surely it should be possible to virtually eliminate undesirable yeast strains from a yeast supply simply by propagating it a number of times.

Eg. If I have a yeast supply that contains 90% of the yeast I want and 10% yeast I don’t, when I add this slurry to a starter, both yeasts grow exponentially to the point where the dominant yeast dominates at a higher percentage. If I were to take some of that new slurry and put it in a further starter, I should be able to get to a point where the yeast I want should be 99.9% dominant.

Has anyone got any experience or research to back this up?

How would you know for sure that both are growing at the same rate? Some yeast strains are more competitive than others.

That’s a very good point. Now that I’ve worked it thorough I realise the whole premise was flawed. Even at 10:1 ratio if they both grow exponentially at the same rate, they will still maintain that 10:1 ratio.

Good job I’m not interviewing for any software jobs this week. Duh.

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