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Exploding keg kills Redhook Brewery worker

So tragic… ... -120429898

Wow that’s really awful. I was there 2 weeks ago for lunch, lots of great people at the brewery, a real shame.

Very sad to hear. Thanks for posting Denny.

Very sad.

(raises :cheers: glass in beer-guy’s honor)

Real tragedy for a man that young to die in a workplace accident. Hope they can figure out what happened, and that this doesn’t ruin the brewery.

Hard to imagine something as stout as a keg failing from air pressure from a compressor, maybe the spear blew off or something.

Sanke kegs are typically only rated to 60 PSI max working pressure.

My guess is that the keg was damaged, and went unoticed, Or the air system failed to cut out at the specified pressure causing the keg to fail.

Sad none the less

Truly tragic

This is so sad, you just don’t think of a brewery being a dangerous place to work, other than smashed fingers and that sort of thing.

Utterly tragic. It’s probably the very last place in the process anyone would have expected any kind of fatality to occur.
Just goes to show that you never know how, where, or when that Ace of Spades will turn up.
My heart goes out to this guy’s family and friends.

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