Expired LME?

:joy: :joy: My first hydrometer broke when I was putting it away after its first use. I planned to use the tube it came in to protect it when I’m not using it. As I put it back in the tube, the cap on the other end of the tube popped off, and the hydrometer slid right on through, and shattered on the ground. Slapstick comedy gold; I was furious with myself, but couldn’t help but laugh at myself.

When I bought my second hydrometer, I put electrical tape over that bottom cap on the tube.

lol, thats kinda what happened to mine. I put it back in the tube after i cleaned and sanitized it, i dropped the cap, bent down to pick it it, and it slid right out of the tube…

Thats ok, I have a replacement coming. Ordered the mad brewers kit.

Took a reading of it tonight, 11 days after yeast was pitched, at 1010, so 5.25%. And it’s so clear…OMG… I love red beer…I can see its red and it’s see through, loving Irish moss so far.

Will be bottling this weekend. Tasted the wort, flat and watery since its not carbonated, but still tastes good. cant wait till its conditioned.

I agree…I can see through my saison :slight_smile: