Experimental Brewing Podcast Episode 7

Episode 7 of our podcast is now up! On this episode we discuss the
audience reaction to our last experiment and how we’re revisiting an
experiment that got Denny into experimenting. Then the boys head back to
the Bay Area to talk with Rodger Davis of Faction Brewing, this time
with extra Rodger translation. Who does he reveal to be the actual
father of the “White Stout"? All of that and more on Experimental


it in your earholes and tell us what you think! We’re continuing to
refine the format and are looking for all of your great ideas!

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Sounds like a cut and paste post. Sorry D ,it’s one thing to comment and then link to your site but is this an advertisement. :thinking:

Sorry it comes off like that. I guess I didn’t see it as an ad since we aren’t selling anything. I thought of it more as an announcement for interested people.

I, for one, appreciate the announcement. Not selling anything, and it’s pretty relevant to the readership. Now, I don’t think I’d want your average blogger starting a new topic twice a week with a link to their thing and flooding the forum, but this seems okay to me.

First and third Wed. only…I promise!