Experimental Brewing podcast Episode 6

We report the results of our first experiment, a comparison of WLP001 and WY1056.

Hot off the podcasting presses comes episode 6 of Drew Beechum and Denny Conn’s Experimental Brewing Podcast. Ever wonder what it would sound like if the Car Talk guys met with Mr. Wizard (or Bill Nye the Science Guy) at the pub for a few beers? Well in this episode, you’ll really get to find out as they’re joined by fellow beer experimenter Marshall Schott of Brulosophy.com to comb through the experimental data produced by the podcast’s listeners. Will you be as surprised by the results of a simple yeast choice as our three panelists? Denny said “I was curious to see if there was anything to my impressions.” Drew still thinks Denny’s all wrong. Marshall just sat back and shook his head at the math.

If that’s not enough - the guys tackle the latest in Beer News, listener questions, David Bowie and have a very raucous conversation with San Francisco Bay Area brewing guru - Rodger Davis of Faction Brewing.

Who knew science and beer could be so intoxicating?

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I just subscribed on iTunes. I LOVE the logo for your podcast! It’s excellent!

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Thank you, Matt!

Am I the only person who has been unimpressed by the Brulosophy guy’s experiments? I find design flaws in nearly all of his experiments.

Don’t get me wrong…I think what he’s doing is cool and generates good conversation, but just because a guy with a blog is doing triangle tests doesn’t mean we should take the outcome as gospel.

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Youy’re not the only one. He tries, but never has anything conclusive. Not bad reading though if you can get past the vulgarity.

I don’t think he expects you to take it as gospel, nor does he present his results that way. You take it for what it is…citizen science with results that you can either use or ignore. I don’t recall Marshall ever saying “this is absolutely the way it is”. Keep in mind that we’re talking about brewing beer at home, not curing cancer. And that goes for the experiments we’re doing on the show. All we do is present our findings for you to either draw from or ignore. Ideally, we want you to try it for yourself and make your own decision, as does Marshall.

Yeah, I realize it’s not what he intends. I think he’s pretty up front about that. Unfortunately a lot of people are too lazy to think for themselves and therefore take his experiments as authoritative. You obviously can’t control how people react to the info that’s presented. Having read a few of his experiments, my issue has been with design flaws that would have made the research more useful. Just the opinion of some guy on the Internet. :wink:

I can’t think of a homebrew experiment that hasn’t had design flaws, including mine. Partially because it IS citizen science and partially because it’s only beer. And you certainly can’t blame Marshall if people take his data the wrong way. LIke I said, take it fir what it is, use it if you like, don’t of you don’t.

I have spent some time at yer new site Denny and I don’t get it. Im not bashing, maybe pointing out that I’m simple and what you’ve created with yer partner is over my head. I’m certain you’ll have a good following, but I hope to read yer input on this forum from time to time. sneezles61

I guess I don’t get what you don’t get! :wink: It’s simply a blog and website of information. Anything I can do with the site to help you (and others) get it?