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Experimental Brewing Podcast Episode 44 - Pocket Pitching Seals

We start, as always, with your feedback and recap our successful charity effort, before we head to the Pub, where we reminisce about HomeBrewCon and what we did and enjoyed. We talk about a new seal (no not that one - that’s later) and about Russian River’s success and planned sale.

In the library, Drew takes a little bit of time to talk about Patrick McGovern, the Indiana Jones of Beer, and his latest book, Ancient Brews.

In the lab, we break down the results of our UnderPitch experiment - what went right and how Drew sorta, kinda goofed part of the whole thing. (Yeah, he’s fired). What does happen when the freshest yeast you can get meets wort in two very different quantities?

Then in the Lounge, it’s another double dose of interviews - first, live from the Southern California Homebrewers Fest, Drew and Marshall Schott (Brülosophy) interview Joshua Kunkle about his portable pocket randall infuser with a less than work safe name! Then, Denny and Drew sit down with Bob Pease, the CEO of the Brewers Association about the newly introduced “Independent Beer” seal (note - not craft beer seal as Denny states).

We skip over questions this week (Hey, Episode 48 is a Q&A - get some questions to us!) We do drop a quick tip and Drew reminds us why movie trailers can remind you of some awesomely non-family friendly music. (Seriously!)

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