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Experimental Brewing Podcast Episode 41 - Earthbound and Down

We’re loaded up and trucking right through your feedback.

In the pub, we enjoy a pint or two while looking back at a big retirement, talking some new guidelines and wondering maybe we’ve been looking at the whole “bubble” thing wrongly.

We stop in the brewery to look at Sierra Nevada’s Ruthless Rye recipe and why Denny gave them a bunch of guff for it when they were making it. (Plus Drew’s weird feelings about late additions of Magnum)

Then in the Lounge, Denny talks to Rebecca Schranz - the Queen of Getting s*** Done- at St. Louis’s Earthbound Beer about expansion, taking over an old brewery space and what happens when you find a hand to god Bat Cave in your cellar.

Finally we tackle questions we can answer. Drop a quick tip on ya and Drew reveals he’s deeply weird about notebooks.

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