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Experimental Brewing Podcast Episode 33

the feedback we take a moment to not only reflect on the launch of the
Brew Files, but to also remind folks about the difference between
companies and people particularly when the snark is flying in podcast

We donated $688 to the Children’s Tumor Foundation in the
name of the listeners. Thanks to Robert Allaway for the suggestion.
Reminder our charity is now the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society. Let’s
try and raise enough funds via Patreon to hit a cool thousand by July!

Episode 36 is an all Q&A episode - so get your questions in at (or call us at 626-761-1ALE)

the pub, we talk Sierra Nevada’s Beer Recall from North Carolina and
how Firestone Walker is switching to smaller bottles for their “special”
beers Hey whatever happened to the nip?

In the library, Denny covers a timely article from Scott Janish looking at the impact of dry hopping on final beer bitterness

In the lab, we get our IGOR on and try to better understand the results that we saw in our IBU experiment. Why were some of the IGORs dead on and others way low? We talk to five IGORs about their brew day experiences and try and see is there a common culprit? Saw Hi to Kevin Kolk, Dave Matson, Ben Myton, Mike O’Toole and Jeremy Wickham.

Lastly, we swing through a super quick suggestion of a not so super quick podcast. They just dropped a six hour episode!

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